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33 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. I was wondering if anyone would be so kind to help me put a name to any or all of my Father’s medals etc… that I have shown in this picture. He passed in 1966 when I was 2. He was a WWII Veteran and “flew the hump” Thank you for any information anyone can provide. His name is George Warren Couch, he was from Marathon, Iowa

  2. Hi, i am looking for WWII veterans who served on Saipan or Tinian living in Florida? We are commemorating the 70th anniversary of D-Day here in the Pacific and I am trying to document their experiences while stationed here on Saipan. Please help.

  3. I highly highly respect and thank you for your sacrifices. I am a lover of our military but was never able to serve due to an eye condition. A weapon in my hands would have been spooky. There really are no words to express how great all of you are. No words would do it justice. Simply….Thank you and God bless all of you.

  4. Hello to our American Friends!

    Today, Céline and I, and my whole family leave in a free country, because 70 years ago, the 6th of June 1944, men and women come from you country, have risk their lives for us “Frenchies”.
    We think of all the american, canadian and british families touched by D-Day, people who took part of the liberation and sacrifying their lives for us.
    Words are nothing compare t…o what they have done for our country, but we would like to thank all of them for their commitment and be sure that we will never forget!
    Be proud of what they did!
    Please forward this message to all of your friends.
    We hope we took the right words to tell you how thankfull we feel about this “page” of history and “NEVER AGAIN”!
    With love
    Céline and Thierry SCHMITT from France

  5. I am coordinating the annual USS New Mexico Association Reunions. We are always searching for crew members and their famlies that are not yet members of the Association to join us. (My grandfather, Ole Vern Dascher, was aboard The Queen during WWII) Fore more information, please email me at: USSNewMexicoAssociation@yahoo.com

  6. I have a old trunk that belonged to CPL R.J.Zelenka. U.S.MC.
    He mailed it home to Montebello, Calif. From Pearl Harbor.
    I have had the trunk for twenty years and always wanted it to go back to him. Can any one help me.
    I would like to return it to him or his family.

  7. Pappastratis, Boston Mass. aka “Pappy”. Found photo in some family photos. My Uncles served in Korea (Bobby & Richard Brown – twins) and Uncle Jake in the pacific. Back of photo said “Pappy” worked with me and use to come to Maine and hunt a lot. Photo shows “Pappy” in military work clothes in front of large wall of window squares. Words were typed on back of photo not written. Any interest in photo?

  8. I have been searching, without success so far, for links to any Veteran sites/forums related to the AAF or Army Ordnance Companies who manned the munitions stores/dumps in the UK. Any pointers would be much appreciated.

  9. My name is Joel Salter and I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the 361st inf. I am looking for a specific person, Francis(Frank) Anthony Salter. He served in WWII and I haven’t been able to find anything about him. All I have is his discharge papers but when I look him up on the internet nothing shows up. My dad and I can’t figure out if he was in the 3rd or 5th army. We do know that he was a technical 4 seargant. If anyone knows anything about him please contact me, my email is- movieguy4800@gmail.com. Thanks

  10. I am a high school student in north Louisiana. I am doing a project on the M4 Sherman tank and would like to have a human source for my paper. It would be best if the person interviewed was a tanker or worked closely with tanks during ww2. Contact me if you are interested.
    Email: nickolus.pickett@yahoo.com
    Phone: (318) 936-0870

  11. Hello I’m trying to find info on my late grandfathers time in the service his name was Carl F Scott he lived in mineral wells WV and was born in 1912 I believe he was a mechanic and worked on self propelled artility with the 99th victory division. I know he trained in Perl harbor because of some of the notes and pictures I’ve found and I believe he was in the Philippines dering the allied invasion again because of some pictures and items found after his passing any help would be greatly welcomed.
    Thank you in advance and god bless
    Rick Scott

  12. Hello! I am hoping to gather stories/interviews for the Veterans History Project for the Library of Congress. If you or anyone you know would be interested in conducting an interview please contact me by replying to this message and I will get my information to you. Depending on your distance I would be willing to travel to you to conduct the interview in person as well, though I would be happy to conduct it in any way you see fit. What is added will be at your discretion and you will get final say over the end result. Thank you. 🙂


    1. Hello,

      I really like this site and am glad I stumbled across it.
      Charissa, my Dad was a Navy Vet from WW2, he passed away December 28th 2009.
      A neighbor interviewed him just before he passed away and I have 5 40 minute interviews from him and some he talks about being in the military.
      I would be happy to provide those and answer any questions I can for you.

      I sure miss my Dad.


    2. William King was 18 when the Army sent him to Japan in 1945 following the surrender of the Japanese. He was attached to the 8th Army Quartermaster Corps at the port of Okinawa. The Army was segregated at this time. The Army truck drivers at the port were black. My Dad was a young white guy from New York, who had little experience with segregation, and made friends with the drivers. He has some very interesting stories about his first-hand experiences in Japan. I do not ever find much oral history about the ‘occupation’ experiences.
      Perhaps you would like to be in contact with him? He will turn 92 next month, and is very much in command of his senses.

  13. My Dad Jack E. Blackmer Won Silver Star and Purple Heart and other medals,but not one site has his name.Its in his Discharge papers,New paper article we have the medals.Army is giving me a run around and wants me to pay to find information, that they should have already in their sites.

  14. As a US Naval GM1c (gunner), my father, Earl Riley Rich, emerged from four years service in World War II without a scratch, then died mysteriously just twelve years later. He left a 29-year-old widow and three young daughters. I was the oldest at barely 11 years old. He, of course, died too soon to contribute his war stories to humanity. So late last year, I wrote a book (Rolling Waters) to commemorate his life. I included a fascinating chapter about his World War II experiences, made possible by matching up his official naval records with the letters he sent home from the war (kept by my grandmother). This information paints a living picture of a very dark time in history. Where might I send this chapter for viewing or preservation? He was a remarkable man in a remarkable time! Phyllis Rich Carpenter

  15. Hello everyone! I am 14 years old and love to learn about WW2! I am looking for any WW2 veterans who live in New Jersey. I have always wanted to talk to one of you about the war and it would be an honor if one of you could help me achieve this life goal of mine before all of you are gone. Please respond if you have any interest what so ever.

  16. I am wondering if anyone can help me with stories or anything about my dad, Fred Kmetovic who was a B-17 flight instructor, primarily out of Stockton field in California. Fred passed 10 years ago, spent his post war years in San Jose and Aptos. Thank you.

    David Kmetovic

  17. My grandfather Joseph Loafman served in WW2. He was stationed at Fort Polk, Louisiana and was a T/5 in the 7-HqC division. I am just looking for any information or stories that I can really get ahold of.

  18. I am trying to find a WWII soldier by the name of Edwin (or Edward) R Rosa , originally from Jeannette Pa . He was a paratrooper at Camp Toccoa Georgia , spent time in Fort Benning , Ga and Fort Bragg NC after the war . He was also in France 1944 . I have pictures, and other memorabilia that I think he or his family would like to have .Any info on Mr Rosa , or any websites that may lead me to him will be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks

  19. Hello, I am looking for veterans who have served on any United States warship during World War II. I am writing a research report on Warships in WWII, and I could really use some primary sources. email me at colin_krause@yahoo.com if you are interested in being interviewed. Thank you!

  20. Hi,my name is Laurent and I live in France,many years ago,I found a US WWII M7 Asault Gas Mask in Normandy.On one of the web strap,I found the soldier name:MC DANIEL 33046321.If I’ve found informations on the NARA-AAD website,no informations about the Veteran unit.
    May be you would can help me in my research?
    So,thank you so much,help would be very apreciate.

  21. Hello i dont know if this is the right place but iam searching for a 35th ID 320th REG Company C vet thats still alive.

  22. We found a lighter that would appear to have been a soldiers possession at Argonne in 1918. Corp. Ray R Allgin, Co H 139 SPP or SLP. That is the best we can decipher. Can anyone tell me where to go to find more info on this soldier. We would like to return the lighter if we can find interested relatives.

  23. Hello, I was trying to find pictures of a wwII veteran Quentin K. Clotfelter he passed in 1969 and was born in 1922 he was in the navy and I just want to know what he looks like. He is my great grandfather and it would be really cool to get some pictures to show the rest of my family on what he looked like. Please help me. Thank you.

  24. If anyone is related to WWII Veteran, and would like to have a smile on their face, please email me their address. I have been trying to send out many thank you letters to all who have fought for our country in the dark times. People have seemed to forget what sacrifices were made. email me at dlc5856@students.rcsd.ms

  25. Not sure how to post pics. I found two WW2 dogs today on a beach in Kodiak, Alaska. I would really love to get these to the families. Any tips on how to locate them?

  26. Looking for any World War 2 veterans who fought in Tarawa, Saoan and Tijuana living in the Sacramento CA area. Recently widowed veteran (my father) is interested in meeting and talking.

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